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About Pria

Hi there!

I’m currently a master's student studying the science and social impacts of climate change at Columbia University's Climate School. As a trained journalist, I've crafted podcasts about climate justice, covered economic equity at WFYI in Indianapolis and produced podcasts and a daily talk show for Georgia Public Broadcasting in Atlanta. I got my start in journalism in 2018 as one of KALW's Audio Academy Fellows in San Francisco.


While I've worked in media for more than five years, this was not my first – or even second! – career. Before embarking on this path, I interned at a biotechnology company in Seattle, worked as a 


financial analyst in Boston and spent a year teaching in Brazil on a Fulbright scholarship. Now as a graduate student focused on environmental science, I'm interested in exploring innovative strategies to translate the science of climate change in a way that engages and informs a wide range of stakeholders.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, running and reading. I'm a certified advanced open water scuba diver and have cliff dived in Croatia, rappelled in Vietnam, and eaten hot sauce on a Brazilian side street that was so powerful I almost blacked out. After growing up in a multicultural household in New Jersey, I'm grateful to have explored life in across the U.S. in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, West Coast, and South. 

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